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  November, 2010

Dr. Deisi Kusztra


Dear Members, Friends, Visitors and

In exactly one month, December 3rd 2010, we will start the World Family Summit +6, in its 7th Edition.

Let’s remember the successful trajectory of these events:

1. THE WORLD FAMILY SUMMIT - SANYA, CHINA 2004: in partnership with the Chinese Government and under the leadership of H.E. Minister Zhang Weiqing, from the Ministry of National Population and Family Planning Commission of China, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family with the main theme “Achieving the Millennium Declaration with and for the Family”.

2. THE WORLD FAMILY SUMMIT +1 - ARACAJU, BRAZIL 2005: in partnership with the State Government of Sergipe and under the leadership of H.E. Governor João Alves, Governor of State, we worked on an Plan of Action 2006 – 2015 in order to include Family Issues in the process of development with the main theme “Investing in Development: Working the Millennium Development Goals at the Local Level and in the Family”.

3. THE WORLD FAMILY SUMMIT +2 – DEAD SEA, JORDAN 2006: in partnership with the Jordanian Government and under the leadership of H.R.H. Queen Rania Al Abdullah, we worked on strategies to mobilize the local level and the Family for the active participation in Millennium Development Goals achievement with the main theme “Investing in Development and Mobilizing for Action: Implementing the Millennium Development Goals at the Local Level and in the Family”.

4. THE WORLD FAMILY SUMMIT +3 – WARSAW, POLAND 2007: in partnership with the Polish Government and under the leadership of Mrs. Jolanta Kwasniewska, President of the Foundation "Communication Without Barriers", we worked on strategies for partnerships, starting with the MDG 1 with the main theme “Working Out of Poverty: Mobilizing for Action by building trust, bridges, capability and partnership”.

5. THE WORLD FAMILY SUMMIT +4 – CAIRO, EGYPT 2008: in partnership with the Egyptian Government and under the leadership of H.E. Minister Ali Al-Moselhi, from the Ministry of Social Solidarity, we worked on the mobilization for action towards the MDGs 4 and 5 with the main theme “Lives in the Balance - A Global Mobilization to the Achievement of the MDGs 4 and 5: Ensuring the Rights to survival, to protection and to development”.

6. THE WORLD FAMILY SUMMIT +5 – ISTANBUL, TURKEY 2009: in partnership with the Turkish Government and under the leadership of H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic and H.E. Selma Aliye Kavaf, Minister for Family, Woman, Children and Disabled, we worked on the MDG 3 “Gender Equality” with the main theme “FAMILIES IN BALANCE" - Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering Women - The MDG 3 + Approach | Ensuring the Domains: Capabilities Domain / Access to Resource and Opportunities Domain / Security Domain”.

All these events were support by many other partners like the United Nations Economic and Social Council through the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the Office for Support and Coordination and the NGO Branch, the ILO, the WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, CEDAW, Habitat, FAO and Ministries of Family and Social Development, Governments of National and Local Levels, NGOs of not less than 187 countries.

The more important event is that we achieved our main purpose to put Family Issues in the international Agenda and to include Families in the process of Development. Working Family Issues linked to the Millennium Development Goals definitively made Family working organizations and Family Governmental Structures to think about the Family as partners in the process of Development resulting in the inclusion of Family Issues on National Planning Agendas with more emphasis on the role that Family can play in the communities and in promoting development at local level.

The World Family Summit +6 is a very special one because we will work on the MDG 2 – Achieve Universal Primary Education – in a more comprehensive approach, according to the experience of the very successful UNESCO’s Movement “Education for All”.
There is no doubt that the UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report, issued in March 2010, has enlighten us on how to target this comprehensive approach and prepare the main themes of our Summit focusing the 6 Objectives of the Education for All Goals.
Family and Education is a strong binomial and the pillar to strengthen Families to face the challenges of this new century, especially in the countries where development is still giving their initial steps.

The World Family Summit +6 main theme “FAMILIES IN BALANCE: Embracing the Education for All Goals - A Global Mobilization towards the Achievement of the MDG2”, promises to be very participative in discussions, reflections, decisions and commitments, strengthening our position in the international, national and local arena in advocating for the implementation, especially at the local level and in the Family of the 6 objectives of the Education for All Goals.

Dear Members, Friends, Visitors, the beautiful city of Paris and incredible Disney’s Newport Bay Club® complex are waiting to see you full of energy giving your contribution to the process of development and the legacy we have to leave to the future generations which undoubtedly will not happen if “Education for All” will not be achieved.

Hurry up!


Dr. Deisi Kusztra
WFO President

    Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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