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  April - May, 2010

Dr. Deisi Kusztra


Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

A long time passed since I last communicate with you!

But the work has been so huge that it seems that only a few days ago.

In the month of March and April we had an incredible busy period, starting with the preparation for the 181st Ordinary Session of the Executive Board held in Paris, France, on 25-27th March 2010, as the first Ordinary Session of the new elected Executive Board in its 17th Constitutional Mandate.

The Session was productive. We had a very satisfactory attendance and we developed our work in three very busy days. The calendar of the first day was composed by a half-day meeting with all Vice-Presidents, where we delineated our Plan of Action for the year 2010 according to the instructions of the Strategic Framework 2010-2013.

The afternoon of the first day, the Vice-Presidents met with their respective advisors in order to discuss the contents of their respective Plans of Actions and to collect the inputs of the Advisors on the proposals.

The work done was very productive and the methodology was very welcomed by all EB Members and also was a very fertile soil for the next two days of meetings.

The Ordinary Session on the next two days had a very extensive Agenda and we have been able to discuss and deliberate in all topics. We could feel the great willingness of the Members to strengthen WFO work and message as well as the compromise to work for more members in their respective regions.

An impressive work has been done previously by the Vice-President of Legal and Administrative Affairs and the Vice-President for Financial Affairs, who arrived prior to the Session in order to make a complete cleaning and renewal of WFO's Headquarters with new furniture and also finalizing some pending logistical issues such as the internet connection establishment.

These changes could be easily noted by all Executive Board Members who have expressed their satisfaction and appreciation to both Vice-Presidents.

In the beginning of March, taking the opportunity our participation at the 54th Commission on Women Status which this year was celebrating Beijing +15, together with the Vice-President for Legal and Administrative Affairs and Vice-President for Financial Affairs, we placed a visit to the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, to Mr. Nikhil Seth - Director of the Office for Support and Coordination and to Mr. Andrei Abramov - Chief of the UN NGO Branch. We had the opportunity to discuss WFO's participation in the coming ECOSOC 2010, at the Annual Ministerial Review and this year Development Cooperation Forum. The meetings were very productive and we had the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between WFO and DESA including the preliminary discussions about the World Family Summit +6. Since we are beginning a new mandate we also registered all members of the Executive Board on the UN System and delegated to our members on their respective regions the available positions at the UN Regional Commissions.

Our Vice-President for Communications and Public Relations Affairs hosted a very interesting Round-Table discussing the advancement of women in the Tunisia and in the African Region. Many authorities attended. As it could not be different also Saida Agrebi hosted a cultural night with a delicious Tunisian cuscus and Tunisian sweets which was attend by Mme. Yoo Soon-Taek, the wife of the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon.

The 54th Commission on Women Status was attended by more than 4 thousand women and one of the very important concrete actions resulting of the Commission's work was the General Assembly Decision to establish a composite body consolidating the mandates of the 4 exiting UN Women Agencies - The Office for the Special Advise on Gender Issue and Advancement of Women (OSAGI), the Division for Advancement of Women (DAW), the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW), and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).

The Secretary General submitted to the present members a 22-pages proposal which you can find on: http://www.icn.ch/GenderEntityComprehensiveProposal_SGReport.pdf. It seems a very good solution to strengthening Gender Equality and Promotion of the Women.

At the Presidency Office level, we are working very diligently in preparing the preliminary meetings with the Canadian partner to organize the World Family Summit +6 and very soon the website will be available.

The last good news, I would like to inform members that in this first Session of the Executive Board, the membership of 11 were approved, the new Executive Board Rules of Procedures also was approved and the preliminary studies for the new WFO's Office of Communication and Marketing was deliberated.

Dear Members, Friends and Visitors, as you can see, we have been working 24/24, 7/7, with great pleasure and commitment because we are sure that being able to transmit our message to the Families, Authorities and Community in general is a sure step to achieve the inclusion of Family Perspectives in the International Agenda and include the Family in the process of development.

"Mobilizing for Action" - that is what we are doing!

Join us!

    Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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