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  January, 2010

Dr. Deisi Kusztra


Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

After a very well deserved break, WFO's Offices – Headquarters in Paris and Presidency Office in Curitiba – are proud to be back full enthusiasm to continue our work on behalf of Families working for them and with them as well as with Governments at Local Level.

As you may have already noticed, our Chief Communications Officer has been working very hard to improve our internal and external communication as the first step to improve our overall communication with our members, partners and friends.

Following our Calendar for 2010, approved by the General Assembly last December, next week we will be working with the Vice President for Legal and Administrative Affairs and Vice-President for Financial Affairs in order to elaborate the 2010 Plan of Action, according to the Strategic Framework 2010-2013 – Mobilizing for Action. This is a very important sequential step to advance in the elaboration of the Plan of Action for Family Policy and Technical Activities which we intend to accomplish by the middle of March.

The first Session of the new elected Executive Board will be held in Paris, on 26-27 March 2010, and the most important point of the Agenda besides one full day of training for the new coming members of the Executive Board, it is the approval of the Plan of Action 2010.

With the decisions of the Executive Board regarding the Plan of Action 2010, the second important step will be taken in order to transmit our message to the world. In April, we will put great efforts to settle the Communications Plan of Action, with the subsequent organization of the Office of Communications and Marketing according to Decision of the last General Assembly.

With these tasks covered, the Legal, Administrative, Financial, Policies and Technical directions of the Organization will be accomplished for the year 2010!

We are very happy once again to be contributing with the African Summit is Addis Ababa where the Organization is represented by our Vice-President for Communications and Public Relations Affairs, Hon. Mme. Saida Agrebi.

Also, from 1-12 March, we will be very actively participating and lobbing for our Istanbul Declaration at the 54th Session – Commission on the Status of Women, at the UN Headquarters, in New York. At this opportunity, we will already have the first meeting with the Canadian partners to begin the discussions about the World Family Summit +6, to be held in Toronto, Canada.

Dear Members, Friends and Visitors, all beginnings of year are very hectic, in special when we are starting a new mandate. We are all very anxious to put in practice every single decision of the General Assembly. But we know that we will only accomplish our tasks efficiently if we will take one step at the time and we are trying very hard to follow these principals. That is why we invite you to be patient and to appreciate the innovations being promoted and especially to continue to send us your opinions and suggestions. They are very important for our development!

Finally, we would like to award you with our brand new “Mobilizing for Action” Newsletter.


    Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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