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  March, 2007

Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra


Welcome to the World Family Organization! Mobilizing for Action.

Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

As we predicted in February, this year of 2007 will be a very busy year. It seems that the World Leaders, Governments, NGOs, Civil Society, Academia and Private Sector have awakened after the five-year review of the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals which concluded that much more could be done since 2000 and that the compromises done are far from being achieved.

The World Family Organization is very deeply involved in mobilizing the Local Level and Families to implement and exercise the actions contained in the Millennium Project and in the Aracaju Practical Plan of Action to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

We did participate actively in the meetings of UN Commission of Social Development held at the UN Headquarters in NY from February 05 to 16, and together with the Vice President for Communications and Public Relations, Mme. Saida Agrebi we promoted the "Declaration of the World Family Summit +2 - Investing in Development and Mobilizing for Action: Implementing the MDGs at the Local Level and in the Family - Decent work for all”, the result of our work on the World Family Summit +2 held in Jordan last December.

We could not have been more successful! With the help of the UN-NGO Section we circulated the Declaration among members and non-members of the Commission of Social Development. We were also able to call the attention of Mrs. Ban Ki Moon, wife of the UN Secretary General, to the work of the World Family Organization. We had the pleasure to have Mrs. Ban Ki Moon to our Working Lunch where key persons of the UN System were present supporting our goals and Declaration.

Coming soon, WFO will participate of the UN ECOSOC High Level Segment on the theme Eradicating Poverty and Hunger - Joining Forces to make it happen (Geneva, July 2 to 5). This year the ECOSOC High Level Segment has a very special meaning: for the first time the ECOSOC will undertake a new mandate to hold a comprehensive Annual Ministerial Substantive Review (AMR) of the United Nations Development Agenda, in order to accelerate its implementation and to link the global policy debate to the country-level debate. As you can see, our work is one step ahead of the UN Agenda since we are already Mobilizing for Action - to implement the MDGs at the Local Level and in the Family. The ECOSOC - High Level Segment - AMR - will be a very good opportunity to continue to promote the work of the World Family Organization.

In March 19 and 20, our German National Committee in cooperation with the European Region and as part of the German European Union Presidency organized an excellent Symposium entitled "Meeting-point Europe - Families and Generations on new paths". Here we want to thank the German Government and in special Mr. Heribert Rollik from the German Red Cross for the excellent level of the organization, hospitality and the outstanding level of the speakers. Participants were also a very important part of this symposium. Every session had a very active exchange between the speakers and participants, which made the sessions very profitable.

Let me also mention the outstanding meeting of the WFO Executive Board on March 17, as well as the WFO European Region General Assembly held in March 18, where we had the opportunity to discuss the first steps towards the World Family Summit +3 to be held in Warsaw, Poland on November 26 to 28, 2007, with the presence of Dr. Anna Marzek-Boguslawska from Polish National AIDS Center.

Speaking about concrete actions, on March 28 we were proud to handle to the Sergipe State Government the Maternity for High Risk Pregnancies and Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, a project done in partnership with WFO Brazilian National Committee and Development Partners.

Dear Members, Friends and Visitors, in June 28 WFO will complete 60 years! We are planning many activities to celebrate this date. Please visit us frequently to know more about the coming activities. We are also looking forward to hear your comments, suggestions and contributions.

Join us!

  Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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