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  November, 2007

Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra


Members of the World Family Organization,
Special Guests,

Welcome to the World Family Summit +3!

On behalf of the World Family Organization I have the pleasure to welcome you once again to the greatest platform for “learning-dialogue-action” focused on Family Issues in the process of development.

Since the very first World Family Summit, held in 2004 in Sanya, China, we have noticed that the shifting and evolving terrain of the Family in the development perspective has received an increasing attention from the international community: Governments are understanding the pressing need of focusing on the Family as the central agent for development; lawmakers, decision-takers and academia are addressing crucial social issues through the empowerment of grassroot NGOs and community leaders, stimulating intersectoral cooperation in a concerted effort.

The World Family Summit +1 held Sergipe, Brazil in 2005 resulted in the Practical Plan of Action, which gave us a roadmap to start the implementation of our agreed policies at the local level. This implementation process has been hard and slow, but the seeds were spread out. Harvests will come.

The Dead Sea Declaration, from the World Family Summit +2 held in Jordan in 2006, endorsed the understanding that family life should not be competition or disruptive of professional life and that “decent work” should be at the heart of global, national and local strategies for economic and social progress. It is central to efforts to reduce poverty, and a means for achieving equitable, inclusive and sustainable development.

This year, the World Family Summit +3 will hold an open discussion, in which government officials, experts, organizations and civil society representatives will tackle sensitive issues that have a very harsh impact on the Families such as Poverty, lack of fair Education, decent Housing, Maternal and Child health care, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and Gender inequality.

Properly dealing with those thorny problems demands a coherent and multidisciplinary approach, forging local and global partnerships to mobilize human resources and funds to efficiently build the foundations for actions aimed at a brighter life for Families.

The challenges of the World Family Summit +3 are almost as great as the ambitions of Families worldwide. May we cooperate effectively and liaise efficiently for a shared, peaceful and most promising future for all of us, Families of the World!

My warmest welcome to all!

  Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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