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  February, 2009

Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra


Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

The first trimester is almost gone. Eventhough we start every year our work officially in the month of February, many activities have already been accomplished with many positive results.

I would like especially to mention the very fruitfull visit to Turkey, at the beautiful capital Ankara and later, Istanbul. We have been particurlarly pleased with the hospitality of the Turkish Government, in the person of H.E. Nimet Çubukçu, Minister for Women, Families, Children and Disabled, who reaffirmed the full committment and support in hosting the World Family Summit +5.

Our delegation had very busy and fruitfull work sessions with the Minister Team: the General Manager of the Prime Ministry – General Directorate of Family and Social Research, Mrs. Aysen Gurcan, the Head of Department, Mr. Bekir Sitki Bayoglu and the Expert Assistants, Mrs. Emine Uzum and Rahmet Uslu, and in three days we concluded the initial agreement for the legal and logistical documents needed to make the World Family Summit +5 a very remarkable one.

Our visit to Istanbul was hosted by Mr. Nedim Kaya, CEO of the Islamic Countries Youth Entrepreneurship Network – ICYEN and Coordinatior for the UN NGO Irene for the Central Asia. We are very thankful for Mr. Kaya for his efforts to guide us in different conference facilities and advising us on many logistical issues.

The World Family Summit +5 is already a reality! It will be held in Istanbul, from 4-7 December 2009. We hope to see all of you participating actively as every year and helping us to bring hope, solidarity and life improvement to Families in need all over the world.
The WFO Executive Board also accomplished the first meeting of the year. At the end of this year, we will have our Quadriennial General Assembly with elections and the preparations for this very important duty of the Executive Board have been already initiated.

In front of us the 2009 High Level Segment of ECOSOC with two very important events: The Annual Ministerial Review and the Development Forum. This year, the Hight Level Segment of ECOSOC will be held in Geneva from 6-9 July, with the theme: “Implementing the internationally agreed goals and committments in regards to the global public health”. As every year, WFO will host one full morning session followed by a lunch where the work accomplished at the World Family Summit +4 will be presented besides the discussions on how to implement at the local level and to the benefits of Families WFO Health Program on building Local Health Systems. Please follow up on our website informations about the ECOSOC High Level Segment.

We would like here to mention the very emotional farewell party done to Dr. Hanifa Mezoui, Chief of the UN NGO Section for the last 10 years, who retired at the beginning of the month. Dr. Hanifa was an incredible defensor of all NGOs at the international, national and local level and the one responsible to bring to the United Nations more than 2000 NGOs worldwide. Her passion for her work and her endless patience to understand and help even the smallest local organizations to learn more about the mission of the UN made a huge difference, especially in popularizing the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals at local level. BRAVO to Dr. Mezoui! And we wish her much success in her new function as the General Coordinatior of the UN NGO IRENE Association.

Also, very soon WFO will launch our new website and also our Newsletter. We hope that this will be one more way to enhance our communication with you and to promote an effective interaction with all our members, partners and friends. Your contribution to this communications channels is very welcomed.

Dear friends, please visit us frequently to know more about the coming activities. We are always looking forward to hear your comments, suggestions and contributions.

Warm regards,

  Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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