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  April, 2009

Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra


Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

It is almost unbelievable that we are already entering the month of May!

Our work at the International, National and Local Levels are increasing everyday and the demands encompassing the Global Financial Crisis have added a new component to our work at the Local Level: Help Municipalities to provide knowledge and training in home economics.
Thanks to the work and the experience of the International Federation of Home Economics – IFHE, delivered to us, we are developing an innovative approach to train families to organize and exercise their domestic budgets as well as the Social Development Departments of Municipalities in designing a more substantive Home Economics Programs as part of their policies to improve the Families’ well-being.

May is also the month when we commemorate the UN International Day of Families. This year the UN Theme for reflection and discussion is: “Mothers and Families: Challenges in a Changing World”. This year, we will have the pleasure to join the commemorative events in Ankara, Turkey, with the Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Family and Social Researches.

This will be a very special occasion because, at this time, we will also sign our Memorandum of Understanding to hold the World Family Summit +5, in Istanbul, Turkey, from 4-6 December 2009. The main theme of the World Family Summit +5 will discuss the main theme of the UN ECOSOC discussions for the year 2010 – The Millennium Development Goal 3 “Gender Equality and Empowerment of the Women”.

And, speaking about UN ECOSOC, this year being holding in Geneva from 6-9 July, at the Annual Ministerial Review, WFO is organizing together with the UN Office for Support and Coordination of ECOSOC a full session where we will conclude our theme of the World Family Summit +4, present and circulate as an UN Official Document the World Family Summit +4 Declaration – The Cairo Declaration.

We are honored to have at this event in Geneva the collaboration of our partners from China - Mr. Cui Jianjun, Vice-President and Secretary General of the NGO Network for International Exchanges and UN-NGO-IRENE Coordinator for Asia Pacific and Dr. Kendall Ho, from the University of British Columbia, Canada, bringing some other conclusions on the implementation of the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to global public health.
Our guests of honor, of course, is the H. E. Dr. Al-Moselhy, Minister of Social Solidarity from Egypt, our host in the World Family Summit +4 and Sheikha Hussah Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah , from Kuwait.

In order to promote the World Family Summit +5, the team of the Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Family and Social Researches will join WFO in the UN ECOSOC High-Level Segment in Geneva.

Finally, the WFO Executive Board is very happy to announce and to congratulate our Vice-President for Communications and Public Relations Affairs, Hon. Mme. Saida Agrebi, who became a grandmother for the first time! A GIRL! We are sure that our dear Saida Agrebi got a present of God because finally she will have a heir to continue the outstanding social work done by our dear Saida.

Dear friends, for the month of May we have a promise to fulfill: the launch of the new version of WFO’s website in order to celebrate the International Day of Families. We hope that you will benefit from the new website and also give your feedback on our performance and also contribute with suggestions, texts, success stories, photos and news to help us to provide permanently new information through this communication tool.

Hoping that we are contributing to your work and institutional development we wish to all our members, partners and families of the world a Happy Family Day!

Warm regards,

  Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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