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  August, 2009

Dr. Deisi Kusztra


Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

Continuing our very busy calendar in this year of 2009, we did accomplish one of the two main events organized by WFO and the United Nations - the UN ECOSOC High-Level Segment with its new function, the Annual Ministerial Review. As you know, this year's theme of the High-Level Segment was "Implementing the agreed goals and commitments in regards to Global Public Health".

The Program was very extensive and, in the first day, I would like to highlight the impressive speech of Dr. Margareth Chan, Director of the World Health Organization, giving us a very accurate picture of the Global Health Status and especially regarding to Public Health how much we still have to do and how many tools we have to apply in our work regarding Public Health, how the compromise of Governments and Public Entities regarding financial resources are still missing and how much still has to be done regarding political will to implement the agreed international global goals on Public Health, especially regarding to Maternal and Child Health Care.

Very interesting were the sessions about the Dialogue with international, financial and trade institutions on current developments in the world economy as well as the experiences commented on the session the partnerships in Health.

Another point to mention was the introduction of the Report of the Secretary General on the Annual Ministerial Review which is worth to read in order to follow the enormous advances that the United Nations in Partnership with Governments, NGO and Private Sector are achieving in global commitments.

Voluntary National presentations also have been very interesting and we heard presentations from Bolivia, China, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Japan, Mali, Sri Lanka and Sudan which had the capacity to transmit to us the different points of view, commitments and achievements of so many countries in different continents, with different cultures, but with common problems and looking for common solutions.

The Ministerial Round-Table Breakfast introduced 3 years ago is showing that this form of exchange is giving an incredible opportunity to people from different countries and in different levels, I mean, Governments, NGOs and Private Sector, to discuss in a very informal way the issues linked to the subjects of the ECOSOC interests.

The Draft Ministerial Declaration was approved on July 9 at the closing session, which we will disponibilize when the final form will be available.

Regarding to WFO's contribution to the ECOSOC in 2009, our session was very successful and we had the honor to have among us very distinct personalities and authorities on Public Health and in special we would like to mention Dr. Kendall Ho, Director of the E-Health Strategy Office of the University of British Columbia of Medicine and H.E. Minister Selma Kavaf, Minister of Women, Family, Children and Disable of Turkey who gave us an excellent introduction of the theme to be presented at the World Family Summit+5 in December, in Turkey, which is the theme for ECOSOC 2010.

The excellent report given by Mr. Jianjun Cui regarding to Public Health in the Asia Pacific Region also gave us opportunity to look it over the Chinese NGO Network for International Exchanges view.

As usual, the incredible support of the Director of the UN Office for Support and Coordination, Mr. Nikhil Seth, gave a great brilliance to the event, this year strengthened by the presence of the new Chief of the UN-NGO Branch, Mr. Andrei Abramov.

Representing H.E. Dr. Al-Moselhy, Minister of Social Solidarity of Egypt, our partner and great friend in Egypt, Dr. Amany Asfour, President of the Egyptian Women Business Association gave a great conclusion to the results achieved at the World Family Summit+4, presenting the Cairo Declaration on the MDGs 4, 5 and 6 which was officially translated into the six UN Official Languages: ENG | FRA | SPA | ARA | CHI |RUS

As every year, at this point, our host of the World Family Summit +4, in Egypt, officially handled the leadership to H.E. Minister Selma Kavaf of Turkey to lead the World Family Summit+5 which will work the ECOSOC theme for 2010.

Our guests of honor, Sheikha Fariha Al-Sabah, Princess of Kuwait, Mr. José Serra, Governor of São Paulo State and Brazilian Former Minister of Health and Mrs. Cherie Blair, Patron of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women were very deserved awarded by the World Family Organization for the outstanding work done regarding to the achievement of the Public Health internationally agreed goals. Once again, our thanks for their participation during the days of the ECOSOC Sessions.

As you can see we have very successfully achieved one more step during the year of 2009. So, time to think with more depth about the World Family Summit +5 which you can find already most of the information in our website. This coming week we are back in Istanbul to accomplish all the arrangements and Official Program for the Summit. Very soon, you will receive formal invitations and if you are not in our database, please send us your contact information so that we can send you an official invitation.

Dear members, friends and visitors, very soon the Official Website of the Summit will be available. Please, visit it and send us your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

    Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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