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The members of WFO are formed by NGOs, National Governments, Municipalities, Universities, Centers of Research and Studies, Parliamentary Bodies, Business Companies, Judiciary Power, Media and Families themselves that develop policies and strategies in relation to Family matters.

WFO has members in over 180 countries in all continents.

Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth  

Berlin, Germany

Bundesarbeit. Familien. und Beratung e.V. AGEF  

Elsmhorn, Germany

Das Diakon. Werk der Evang. Kirche in Deustschland  

Stuttgart, Germany

Deutscher Caritas Verband E. V.  

Freiburg, Germany

Deutscher Familienverbend E.V.  

Berlin, Germany

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz E.V  

Berlin, Germany

Evangelische Aktionsgemeinschaft fur Familienfragen  

Berlin, Germany

Verbend Alleinerziehender Mutter und Vater E.V  

Berlin, Germany

GLL - Gemeinsam Leben Lernen in Europe e.V.  

Berlin, Germany

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