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International Federation for Family Development - Papers

  IFFD Papers no. 46 - Implications of the gender gap - The value of care and domestic work (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 45 - Unpaid but essential for our lives - The value of care and domestic work (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 44 - Making life possible - The right to family reunification in the EU and USA (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 43 - What we want is what we need - Ideal and actual number of children in OECD countries (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 42 - Demographic evidence base - The need for a consensus on fertility and development (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 41 - Authoritarian and authoritative parenting - The real problem behind the so-called 'helicopter parents' (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 40 - Where values are first learnt - Impact of the family in the socialization process (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 39 - About well-being of family as a unit (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 38 - Is youth unemployment a serious problem? (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 37 - A commitment to innovation - 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 36 - Is children well-being a broken promise? Child poverty and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 35 - Family-Centered Policy - Building Common Ground With Family-Focused and Research-Based Information (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 34 - Now that 'parenting'has become a verb - Same task, same effort, different solutions (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 33 - What policies are available to reduce child poverty? (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 32 - What is Family Reunification? A Human Rights Perspective (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 31 - A clear Call to Action - The significance of the Doha Conference outcome document (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 30 - When synergy replaces conflict - Legal and policy frameworks balancing work and family life (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 29 - Changing families and sustainable societies. A major European study (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 28 - An example of intergenerational solidarity (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 27 - The sustainability factor of pensions (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 26 - Assessing family perspective. The family impact report as a tool for policymakers and practitioners (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 25 - A 'skills improvement' rather than a 'deficit view'. The right approach to parenting support in the European Union (English) (Español)
  IFFD Papers no. 24 - Childhood and peace. A new Consortium to break the vicious cycle (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 23 - Building blocks of society - There can be no sustainable development without support to families (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 22 - A society for all ages - Background note for the celebration of the International Day of Families 2013 - 1st July 2013 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 21 - Pay less and pay better - The stability of the European social model - 1st June 2013 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 20 - What do families really need? The challenge of work-family balance - 1st May 2013 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 19 - The Family Justice Centers, a way to address domestic violence - 1st April 2013 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 18 - Balance, nexus or interface? Work and home: two concepts, one cultural challenge - 1st March 2013 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 17 - Towards 2014: The empowerment of women and men through the promotion of families - 1st February 2013 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 16 - Towards 2014: empowering persons and society through the promotion of families - 1st January 2013 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 15 - Crisis and social division in Europe: causes and effects in Spain - 1st December 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 14 - Family policy and demographic change: The role of the European Union - 1st November 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 13 - Do Fathers Matter Uniquely for Adolescent Well-Being? - 1st October 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 12 - Give and You Shall Receive? Generosity, Sacrifice and Marital Quality - 1st September 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 11 - Keeping our children safe (and savvy) - Can the family shape technology for our well-being? - 1st July 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 10 - Involvement of men in care work - The benefits of introducing more women on boards of directors - 1st June 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 9 - My dad lives in the 21st Century - How can fathers improve their paternity - 1st May 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 8 - Does divorce always bring a ‘better life’? How could most breakups (and its effects) be avoided - 1st April 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
  IFFD Papers no. 7- Flexibility at work, the win-win solution - Why do many Europeans have less children than they intend to? - 1st March 2012 (English) (Espanhol)

IFFD Papers no.6 - The professional and emotional ‘scar’ Effects of youth unemployment in times of crisis - 1st February 2012 (English) (Espanhol)

  IFFD Papers no. 5 - The journey towards marriage - Relationships before marriage from the perspective of a newly engaged couple - 1st January 2012 (English) (Espanhol)
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