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The Family Africa in Madagascar
News Update August 2015


Update on the construction work at the Centre de Bienfaisance d'Ankadivory-Ambohimalaza

The work on the orphanage is progressing well. The laying of the concrete suspended slab which is the most the most delicate part of the work is half done, and the workers have begun the raise the walls.

We still need some paint, but hopefully everything will be delivered on the site in a couple of weeks: roofing, ceiling, etc. We have been learning a lot about construction: the different kinds of sand, grades of gravels and cement, wood quality and even vocabulary.

I can honestly say we have learnt a lot about very down-to-earth construction job, and I am very happy for this learning opportunity in my mature years! For the past few months my dreamswere often filled with trucks of cement and construction materials; as the project is nearing its completion, I am now dreaming of roofing and paint, Ha! Strange dreams for a lady!

School supplies for the new school year

Also this past month, in readiness for the new school year starting in one month, we have been able to donate all the school supplies for more than 700 children.

Friends from all over the city donated 8,000 copy books, as well as 1,000s of pens, pencils and other school materials. This will supply the children of both orphanages -- Felana Maitso and the CBA – as well as two very poor villages located outside of the city.
We have already started distributing some of the supplies as shown on the photos.

*: The Family Africa is a NGO and WFO Member that brings real hope for the future to thousands of people from previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa.

The organization's work follow a holistic approach to welfare involving the mind, body and spirit. To this end we work on three levels:

1. Short Term: Immediate relief through feeding schemes, provision of clothing and blankets and response to local disasters.

2. Medium term: Education and training including basic skills training, HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in primary and secondary schools and the production of materials to assist prevention and promote attitude change.

3. Long Term: Spiritual, emotional and psychological support.



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