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Movement for Community-Led Development

Source: CLD


Community-led Development (CLD) -- a systematic, multi-sectoral process to put women and men in charge of their own development -- is gaining traction and the collective discourse is growing. Here are five recent updates we hope you will find useful. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Malawi establishes national chapter. With the facilitation of The Hunger Project-Malawi, World Vision-Malawi and Heifer-International Malawi, 18 national and international NGOs have established the Malawi chapter of the Movement for Community-led Development. Another 10 organizations are in the process of joining. The groups have identified a plan of action, and are looking forward to a launch event later this month.

Transforming Humanitarian Response: Building on the commitments made at last month's World Humanitarian Summit, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is proposing a new "Integrated Response Approach" to apply bottom-up, community-centric principles to the international humanitarian response system. Donal Reilly, Director, Technical Assistance, Humanitarian Response Department, presented the approach yesterday on a webinar. We invite you to listen and join the conversation on how best to take this new approach forward.

New online tools: Our website features reviews two sets of tools that should be extremely useful to CLD advocates -- PATH offers free online courses in Policy Advocacy in English, French and Spanish. This engaging, interactive course is broken into bite-size chapters, and the entire course takes about two hours to complete. We've also featured Demtools 2.0 by the National Democratic Institute -- a set of online platforms that can empower local governments and community groups to improve transparency, accountability and citizen engagement.

Streamlining CLD: Last week, Chloe Tomlinson and Katy Lindquist of Spark Microgrants in Kampala presented their "streamlined" approach on a webinar with members of our CLD Community-of-Practice. Their facilitated process has evolved over the past 6 years as it has been applied in 66 communities across 4 countries. The process enables communities to define their vision and implement projects to achieve it. Please view and share this extremely well-organized presentation.

Hunger Project White Paper: After discussions with my colleagues worldwide, I've drafted a White Paper based on our shared framework of analysis and our own gender-focused, community-led development approach. The paper is designed to communicate with policy-makers responsible for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in rural areas, but not necessarily familiar with community-led approaches.

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