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The Red Island, Madagascar


A big part of this past month has been spent on raising funds and collecting materials for our school-building projects. In the process we have faced many challenges. Usually, we take on one project at a time, but this time, two different schools, both in great need, asked for our help ; first we were hesitant as if we'd accept to help both schools, it would mean double work : more funds and materials to collect. We decided to take on both projects even though due to the ever worsening economical and political situation, several donors declined to help this time.

Please pray with us that we can have everything needed to start the construction work beginning of May, in order for the additional school rooms to be ready beginning of October, at the start of the school year here.

This month we also inaugurated the library at the CBA orphanage. The children had prepared a little show and we served a nice meal to celebrate. The children were so very excited to discover the books and games, and also the beautiful stickers that one of our donors had given to decorate the walls. We pray this will help them develop a yearning for reading and learning, and will increase their knowledge.

Through this project we are seeing a ripple effect of reaching people of a different faith who eager to help the orphanage on a monthly basis. We were also able to celebrate Easter with a nice snack at the Felana Maitso orphanage, where we go once a month and which we help regularly with food supplies. The children always love the stories we tell them.

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