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  Please fill the information above to send the information about your organization and make the first step to become a member of World Family Organization.  
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  Having taken knowledge of the Constitution and the Membership Rules of Procedures of the World Family Organization, subscribing to the aims and the objectives of the World Family Organization, agreeing to pay the annual subscription fixed by the General Assembly, we ask the acceptation of our application as Member of the World Family Organization.  
  Necessary and Enclosed Documents  
  Constitution and By-Laws of the Organization
The last Annual Report
The last Annual Accounts and Balance Sheets
The Composition of the Governing Body
  Optional and enclosed Documents  
  A copy of the periodicals published
A good reproduction of the Logo of the Organization (or digital file)
Others documents and publications

Please send the listed documents to the Presidency Office of the World Family Organization. Once it is received, this affiliation request will be presented to the Executive Board for consideration and approval. The address is:

Rua Domingos do Nascimento, 280 - 80520-200 - Curitiba - Paraná - Brasil
Phone/Fax: +55 41 3254 5678
Email:presidencyoffice@worldfamilyorganization.org | i.brito@worldfamilyorganization.org
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