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  4 191st Executive Board Session held in Curitiba, Brazil
  9 WFS+8 - Click here for the daily updates and photos
  9 WFS+8 - The Future Timeline Videos are now available
  24 WFO wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  28 The new Report of the Secretary-General on family issues (A/68/61-E/2012/3) is available
  1 IFFD Papers - November 1st
  10 WFS+8 - Information about the Program and Success Stories
  16 World Youth Alliance Newsletter - November
  22 Post-2015 Development Framework: E-Discussion on Governance and Accountability
  1 IFFD Papers - October 1st
  2 Conceptualizing a Set of Sustainable Development Goals
  8 The Family Africa - Newsletter - October 2012
  10 Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) Regional Meeting for The Middle East & North Africa



  1 IFFD Papers - September 1st
  7 The Family Africa - Newsletter - Aug/Sept. 2012
  15 World Youth Alliance Newsletter - September
  15 ECAS: Conference "Building the EU citizen pillar"
  20 190th Executive Board Session - Electronic
  26 Follow up to Rio+20 and launch of Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
  1 UN Secretary-General announces High-Level Panel on Post-2015
  6 WYA Highlights a Person-Centered Response to HIV/AIDS
  8 WFO started the implementation of Pojuca Municipal Hospital with Training Sessions
  14 European Citizens' Initiatives Conference in Vienna
  19 WFO wishes a Happy Eid!
  21 Project of the German Federal Association for Family Education and Counseling
  22 Dr. Charlotte Giese's presentation and speech at WFO Annual Event at ECOSOC event now available for download
  1 IFFD Papers - July 1st
  3 WFO Annual High Level Segment of ECOCOC Event
  4 Rio+20: Realizing the future we want for all, UNDP Report to the UN Secretary General
  19 United Nations Social Development Network (UNSDN)
  24 AICESIS News - July-August
  24 Jacques Dermagne passed away in Paris
  27 World Youth Alliance Newsletter - July
  30 The Family Africa Mandela Day special
  1 IFFD Papers - June 1st
  9 189th Executive Board Session held in Paris
  11 Rio+20: Daily Schedule of Major Groups Meetings, Pavilion 6
  12 Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum and Business Day
  13 Rio +20: Brazil Prepares to Hold Largest UN Conference More than 50,000 people expected to participate in events for Rio+20
  14 Rio+20: Opportunity to Fast Track Transition to Green Economy, Lift Millions Out of Poverty
  19 Dr. Deisi Kusztra, WFO President is attending the Population Prospect and Sustainable Development
  20 Rio+20 opens after countries reach agreement to spur action on sustainable development
  21 Rio+20: Ban announces more than 100 commitments on sustainable energy
  22 Rio+20: The Future We Want - Outcome Document available in all UN official languages
  25 The Abu Dhabi Declaration is now available in all the official UN languages
  1 The voice of civil society at Rio+20
  1 IFFD Papers - May 1st
  7 Abu Dhabi Declaration accepted by UN ECOSOC
  8 New landmark action plan to measure gender equality across UN
  11 Second Round of Rio+20 Informal-Informal Negotiations concludes: A step closer to reaching consensus?
  15 Message from the United Nations Secretary General in observance of the International Day of Families, 2012
  15 Message from the United Nations Focal Point on the Family on the International Day of Families
  15 189th Executive Board Session to be held in Paris on June 8 and 9, 2012
  21 NGLS E-Roundup on the 56th Session of CSW: Rural Women – Agents of Change Indispensable for Sustainable Development
  21 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards 2012
  22 RIO+20 Dialogues on Sustainable Development
  28 Rio+20: Women Leader's Forum
  2 Rio +20: We hope 120 heads of state and Government
  2 IFFD Papers - April 1st
  2 188th Executive Board Session - Electronic
  5 Successful in projects: German Red Cross
  5 Families and Values – Awareness Days 2012 in Germany
  12 Towards the People's Summit at Rio+20: Civil Society Alternatives to the Zero Draft
  16 UN ECOSOC - Creating a Sustainable Future: Empowering Youth with Better Job Opportunities
  23 Hundred and Forty-fourth Session of the FAO Council
  1 IFFD Papers - March 1st
  3 EU Consultation on Family Reunification
  8 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appoints senior staff
  15 AGF on German Family Report: Time for the family is more than an internal-familial affair
  27 Report on the fiftieth session of the Commission for Social Development
  2 IFFD Papers - February 1st
  2 50th Session of the Commission for Social Development
  12 Helsinki Process +10
4 Family Africa: 2011, Overview of the year
16 Rio +20 - United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
18 Rio +20 - Zero Draft of the outcome document now available
19 United Nations Event: How NGOs can use social media to create impact
31 UNEP Medium-Term Strategy - Request for Submissions
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