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  December, 2009

Dr. Deisi Kusztra


Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

It is a great pleasure that we acknowledge one more year of full accomplishments!
At the dawn of lights of 2009 I would like to thank all our members for the decisive support given to the work of the Organization which means adding credibility and strength to our mission and an easier road to reach Families wellbeing all over the world.

Also, I would like to thank the members of WFO’s Executive Board in its 16th Constitutional Mandate for the hard working, view exchanging, innovation and perseverance during the exercise of our duties during these last four years.

For the visitors, I would like to express our very warm appreciation for the continuous support by visiting our website and sending your opinion about the work and constant overall improvement.

To the new elected Members of the Executive Board for the 17th Constitutional Mandate, I would like to welcome all of you to this great Family, the World Family Organization, wishing to all of us a very fruitful and full of achievements mandate, in especial in implementing the actions contained in the Strategic Framework 2010-2013 – Mobilizing for Action.

We just accomplished our 23rd Quadrennial General Assembly very successfully. The significant participation of members was very impressive. Members had the opportunity to evaluate the execution of the Strategic Framework 2006-2009 and declared that the goals stated were satisfactory accomplished.

Also, members had the opportunity to evaluate the Financial Report 2006-2009, properly audited by an international external auditing company, and came to the conclusion that our growth and the appropriate expenditure were executed in highest level.

The new Strategic Framework 2010-2013 was welcomed by the General Assembly, with greatest political will from our members to work positively towards its implementation.

The Quadrennial General Assembly made a special remark about the accomplishment of the World Family Summits during the last 4 years, all of them had been concluded with great success and its respective Declarations sent to UN ECOSOC as our contribution to the work done jointly with the United Nations.

The Quadrennial General Assembly also said good-bye to our dear collaborator and Vice-President for Legal and Administrative Affairs, Mr. Marcel Van Breen, who for the last 50 years worked very diligently serving in different positions. As a recognition for his tireless work, the World Family Organization was honored to publish his book “The World Family Organization and its Regionalization” as well as awarding Mr. Marcel Van Breen as Honorary President.

The World Family Summit+5 was accomplished with great success. We want to thank H.E. Mr. Recep Erdogan, Prime-Minister of Turkey for his sponsorship and active participation in the Summit. The presence of his wife and daughter Sumaya, a young lady really committed to work in development issues, showed the interest and the high importance given to the Summit.

To H.E. Mrs. Selma Aliye Kavaf, State-Minister of Women, Family, Children and Disabled of Turkey, and her team, our deepest appreciation for the hard work during the whole year of 2009 to make it possible the achievement of the highest level of participation and technical contents of the World Family Summit+5.

Our deepest appreciation also goes to the General Directorate of Social and Family Researches of Turkey, especially in the person of Dr. Aysen Gurcan, General Director, for the professionalism and commitment in working the technical contents of the Summit.

Our member, Mr. Nedim Kaya, CEO of the Turkish International Volunteers Association, who made it possible all the so called “impossible” things during the preparation and the Summit itself, our deepest gratitude for his precious and always ready support.

To the United Nations Under-Secretary General and Director of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Mr. Sha Zukang, and to the United Nations Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination and the NGO Branch, in the person of Mr. Nikhil Seth and Mr. Andrei Abramov respectively, our deepest thanks and best recognition for the technical and logistical support given along so many years to WFO and in especial to the successfully accomplishment of the World Family Summits.

To WFO Staff, who are truly committed to every single task given to them during the whole year and in especial for their patience and strength to survive all the pressures at the time of preparation and completing of the Summit, my personal recognition, as well as the deepest recognition of WFO’s Executive Board and Members.

Finally, we wish to all of you Members, Friends and Visitors a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, hoping to see you working side by side with us in 2010!

Kind regards,

Dr. Deisi Kusztra
WFO President

    Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
World Family Organization
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