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It is with a great pleasure that we come to you in order to introduce our NEWSLETTER! Here, you will be able to:

· Read ARTICLES from very important authorities and experts in the area of Family.

· Know more about the WORK and projects being developed by the World Family Organization.

· Follow the coverage of the World Family SUMMIT +6

· Get informed about important EVENTS concerning Families worldwide.

· PROMOTE the work of your Organization.

· Exchange EXPERIENCES at the Success Stories Section (coming soon...)

· Access filtered and useful INFORMATION from the United Nations for your Organization.


We do hope that this will be one more way to enhance our COMMUNICATION with you. So, please, stay tuned and expect many NEWS to come very shortly!

Finally, I would like to say that your FEEDBACK is greatly appreciated as we are always looking forward to hear your comments, suggestions and contributions in order to constantly IMPROVE our work.

WFO Staff

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