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Declaration of Sanya approved on the World Family Summit - English version
Draft Plan of Action - The proposed plan is to be reflected upon, worked on the first trimester of 2005 to be ready to be presented at the High Level Segment of UN ECOSOC in June 2005. English version 77 pages.
Survey done on Countries Constitution about the Family.
Message of the UN Secretary General to the World Family Summit

Message of the President of Brazil to the World Family Summit
Invitation Letter

Background Papers

.Millennium Development Compact
MDG 1 - Part 1 and 2 (Task Force 1 and 2)
MDG 2 and MDG 3 (Task Force 3)
MDG 4 and MDG 5 (Task Force 4)
MDG 6 (Task Force 5)
MDG 7 (Task Force 6)

MDG 8 (Report of the UN SG National and International Cooperation for Social Development)
.Click here to learn China's action towards the MDGs

Click here to see the Regional Position Papers on the Family
Remembering 1994...
1994 Delaration of Family Rights - Palais d l'Elysée, Paris, December 14, 1994
Compilation of the Family-Specific recommendations of the Global Conferences of the 90's

In September 2000, at the United Nations Millennium Summit, world leaders agreed to a set of timebound and measurable goals and targets for combating poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women.
Click Here for the MDGs.

Kofi Anan
Kofi Annan
UN Secretary-General

"Families can be real bastions of human progress. Let us do our utmost to create the conditions families need to fully realize their potential".
Dr. Deisi Kusztra Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
President of WFO

"The Family is the economic, political, social-cultural and sustainaible entity of society".

HON. Saida Agrebi
Vice President of WFO
President of Magreb Mothers Organization OMMA
President of Tunisian Mothers’ Association, ATM
"Mother represents the main pillar of the family..."
Najet Karaborni Najet Karaborni
Senior Interregional Adviser OUSG/UNDESA
"An Outstanding and Innovating Partnership Initiative with the United Nations for more well being of families everywhere in the world."

H.E. Mrs. Maria do Carmo Nascimento Alves
Federal Senator - Brazil

"The family is the base in which all society stands, and only through the family all the changes related to the construction of world more solid, just and human will happen."

Cassio Taniguchi
Mayor of Curitiba - Brazil
"A fresh vision must be built by the communitys and the governments, and we believe this process can begin in the World Family Summit".

Prof. Nagia M. Essayed
Commissioner for Human Resources,
Science and Technology - African Union

"Marking the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family through the holding of a World Family Summit is a testimony of the importance to issues relating to the family."

Dr. Gertraud Pichler
IFHE Past President (2000 -2004)

"...families and households are the prime nurturing environment for every human being..."

President Lula H.E. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
President of Brazil

"... the family is the main entity responsible for the formation of the character, sedimentation of high values and also for the emotional and affective balance of the individual ."
Zhang Weiqing
Zhang Weiqing
Minister of National Population and Family Planning Commission of China

"The Chinese government shows its great interest to the WFO and feels honored to observe the Tenth Anniversary of the IYF in China".

Prof. Alzira Maria D'Avila Nery Guimarães
President of WFO Latin America and Caribbean Region

"Essentialy, to concentrate action and efforts on the family is to bring all society towards better conditions."

Hanifa Mezoui Hanifa Mezoui
Chief of NGO Section

"WFO has been the vanguard in understanding and promoting the role of the Family".

President Lula Hon. Mr. Max Rosenmann
Federal Deputy - Federal Chamber of Deputies of Brazil

"The world’s peace relies on the protection and on the incentive to the family’s strengthening..."

Marina Taniguchi
First Lady of Curitiba and President of FAS

With the Summit, themes like family and social action will assume a new status position".


Dr. Margarida Gonçalves Neto
National Coordinator for Family Issues - Portugal

“Family is the main subject of our time. The future of humanity belongs to it. This Summit is a signe of hope, for all the world".


Najet Karaborni

Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani
Chairman of the Arab International Women’s Forum

"The Family is a vital element in the establishment of peace and security in any society."