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  To Act as the promoting and coordinating Organization on international efforts among Governmental, Non-Governmental Organizations as well as other private sector, in increasing awareness of family issues and policies formulation;
  To Contribute to poverty eradication by implementing policies, programs and projects servicing the basic needs of families such as education, health, housing, recreation, work, social protection, drugs and crime prevention, domestic violence, migrant integration and combat of all kind of discrimination.
  To Develop, in cooperation with specialized agencies where necessary, policies for improvement, inter alia, of housing, health, sanitation, nutrition, education, recreation, work conditions, welfare systems, social protection and benefits, family relationships and environmental issues affecting families;
  To Encourage social integration, human rights, tolerance, equal opportunity, solidarity, social participation, respect and non-discrimination of diversity through families.
  To Conduct research and studies in the field of families and their members;
  To Promote and Strengthen the bonds of solidarity between families worldwide, encouraging the development of intra familial support systems approaching their common responsibilities for a better world of justice and peace;
  To Assist Members, upon request, in strengthening family related policies and services;
  To Promote and/or sponsor conferences, seminars, international, regional, national and local meetings and training to discuss major family concerns;
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