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7 April

UNESCO’s Director-General visited Rwanda to participate in the commemorations of the 30th anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsis. The event was the opportunity to underline UNESCO’s action in favor of the teaching of violent pasts, and to present the Rwandan government with the certificate of the four memorials recently inscribed on the World Heritage List. Find out the photo essay based on the exhibition dedicated to the memory of the genocide on UNESCO fences.

10-12 April

The 2024 Ocean Decade Conference was held in Barcelona (Spain), with the aim of defining the global roadmap around the three fundamental priorities: understanding, educating and protecting. The Director-General welcomes the “significant efforts” made by the international community, and called for this positive momentum to continue through flagship initiatives such as the new “Cities with the Ocean” platform and the new Center of the Ocean Decade dedicated to the blue economy.  Find all the information on the dedicated website.

In the press:

22-26 April

24 high-level international experts meet at UNESCO headquarters to prepare a first draft of the Recommendation on the Ethics of Neurotechnology, the final text of which is expected to be adopted at the 43rd session of the General Conference (November 2025).

3 May

The 31st edition of World Press Freedom Day will take place in Santiago (Chile) and will be dedicated to the importance of journalism and freedom of expression in the context of the current global environmental crisis. Find all the information on the dedicated website.

Also to be followed:

On the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, international footballer and vice-president of the “Peace and Sport” association, Didier Drogba, spoke to UNESCO about his experience and commitments.

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