Our History

The World Family Organization – The International Union of Family Organizations was created in Paris on 22-28 June 1947, a very important day for families worldwide and future generations.

The History of the World Family Organization

The idea to create an International Organization to deal with Family matters was born for the first time in June 1, 1946 in an International Congress for Families and Population in Brussels.

The first World Family Congress took place in Paris on 22-28 June 1947. The recently created United Nations, along with 200 delegates from 27 nations represented at this Congress, founded the International Union of Family Organizations – IUOF, having the following functions:

  • Reunifying Families separated by the II World War;
  • Documentation;
  • Liason among all civil movements in favour of a better life for all families;
  • Representation within Governments, public opinion and International Organizations, starting with United Nations

In 1997, the 50th Anniversary of the IUFO was celebrated in Foz do Iguaçú – Brazil. The General Assembly decided to delegate to the new elected Executive Board the preparation of amendments to the Constitution and the reformulation of the Executive Structures of the Organization according to the document prepared for the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary: “UIOF 50 Years – A New Depart”.

In 1998, IUFO’s General Assembly held in Vienna, Austria, approved amendments to the Constitution and renamed the institution’s name to World Family Organization – The International Union of Family Organizations.

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WFO has members in over 189 countries in all continents. The members of WFO are formed by NGOs, Universities, Centers of Research and Studies, Parliamentary Bodies, Business Companies, Judiciary Power, Media and Families themselves!