In a significant move to address pressing family issues, Her Excellency, the Vice President of the Republic of Angola, Esperança da Costa, granted an audience to the delegation of the World Family Organization (WFO). The delegation included President Dr. Deisi Kusztra, Vice President Isidro De Brito, and Youth Affairs Coordinator Marineide Tulio.

During this pivotal meeting, several crucial topics impacting families, especially the most vulnerable, were discussed. The key issues covered included:

– Peace: Emphasizing the importance of a stable and peaceful environment for the well-being and prosperity of families.
– Economic Development: Exploring ways to enhance economic opportunities and support for families to improve their living standards.
– Education and Training: Highlighting the necessity of quality education and vocational training to empower individuals and foster family growth.
– Climate Change: Addressing the urgent need for sustainable practices and policies to combat the adverse effects of climate change on families.

The dialogue underscored a shared commitment to tackling these challenges and reinforcing the support systems for families in Angola. The Vice President and the WFO delegation agreed on the importance of collaborative efforts to foster a conducive environment for family development and resilience.

This audience marks a promising step towards enhanced cooperation between the Government of Angola and the World Family Organization, aiming to create lasting positive impacts on families across the nation.

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