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The second annual Eurocities Pulse Mayors Survey has unveiled some critical insights into the major trends, challenges, and priorities shaping urban affairs in 2024. A total of 92 mayors from 28 Eurocities countries participated in the survey, providing a comprehensive analysis of the current urban landscape.

Among the key findings, the survey highlights the growing importance of local governance in addressing global challenges. This aligns with the long-standing stance of the World Family Organization, which has consistently advocated that support for families and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can only be truly effective if implemented at the local and municipal levels.

The survey’s results underscore the need for robust local policies and initiatives that directly impact communities and families. By focusing on localized efforts, cities can more effectively tackle issues such as social inequality, environmental sustainability, and economic development, ultimately contributing to the broader global agenda.

The World Family Organization reaffirms its commitment to working closely with municipalities and local governments to ensure that family support mechanisms and sustainable development initiatives are practical, impactful, and responsive to the unique needs of each community.

As urban areas continue to evolve and face new challenges, the insights from the Eurocities Pulse Mayors Survey will be instrumental in guiding future policies and actions that promote the well-being of families and the sustainable development of cities.

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