The Working Women’s Association, proudly affiliated with the World Family Organization. Since our establishment in 1957, registered with the Ministry of Social Development under No. 164 in Zarqa Governorate/Rusaifah District, Jordan, have been dedicated to the holistic development and empowerment of women, children, and youth in various spheres of life.

Their Mission and Objectives

Main Objective:

– To develop and Empower the local community, focusing on women, children, and youth in all areas of life.


  1. Political, Economic, Social, and Legal Empowerment of Women:

– Their work tirelessly to ensure women are empowered across all sectors, advocating for their rights and opportunities.

  1. Preventing Violence and Exploitation:

– They launch campaigns and gain support to prevent violence against women and girls and protect them from exploitation.

  1. Youth Leadership Development:

– They activate the roles of young men and women in society, creating youth leaders capable of enacting positive change.

  1. Support for Farmers:

– They empower farmers by helping them rehabilitate their agricultural lands.

  1. Inclusion and Empowerment of People with Disabilities:

– They involve people with disabilities in their communities, raising awareness about their rights and empowering them.

  1. Education and Care for Children:

– They prioritize teaching and caring for children, ensuring they have a solid foundation for their future.


Current Projects (2023 – 2024)

  1. Strengthening Women’s Civil Society Organizations:

– This project focuses on implementing the agenda of women, security, and peace. Their combat violence against women by operating the Women’s Guidance and Awareness Center and the Aman Center. These centers provide protection, psychological, social, and legal counseling services, vocational rehabilitation, and training for abused women. Their also produce detailed reports on the cases Their handle to inform future interventions.


  1. Activating Youth Roles for a Safe Environment:

– They educate women and girls about their economic rights through dialogue sessions, debates, and awareness workshops. Their train young people in interactive theater to highlight economic violence against women in the private sector.


  1. They Lead for Comprehensive Health:

– This project involves community awareness sessions about comprehensive health, promoting Theirll-being among the community members.


  1. Sewing Workshop:

– An ongoing project where Their train women to print environmental bags, hem the shemagh, and teach embroidery, providing them with valuable skills.


  1. Kindergarten:

– They operate a kindergarten as part of our commitment to early childhood education and care.


  1. Economic Empowerment Project:

– Funded by the Euro-Mediterranean Feminist Initiative, this project qualifies women for the labor market, enhancing their economic empowerment.


  1. Increasing Women’s Economic Participation:

– They strive to provide a safe and decent environment for women in the labor market, including offering safe childcare options after school hours. This initiative helps increase family income, improve economic conditions, and support the growth and psychological development of children.


Commitment to Community and Advocacy

The Working Women’s Association remains steadfast in our commitment to empower and support their community. They believe in the potential of every woman, child, and young person to contribute to a better society. Through our diverse projects and unwavering dedication, They aim to create a safer, more equitable, and prosperous environment for all.