We are thrilled to congratulate our esteemed member, UNAF – Unión de Asociaciones Familiares, on the election of their new Executive Board. This achievement marks another significant step in their ongoing efforts to advance family rights and improve the lives of families in all their diversity.

As every year, the UNAF entities have gathered at the General Assembly to review their work, share projects, and define actions and strategies to continue progressing in family rights. It was a wonderful occasion to reconnect, strengthen ties, and reinforce our network! 😊🙌

The newly elected Executive Board is composed of:
🟣 Federación De Mujeres Progresistas (President)
🟡 Mensajeros de la Paz España (Vice President)
🟠 Asociación Solidaridad con Madres Solteras (Secretary General)
🔵 Asociación de Ayuda a la Mujer Plaza Mayor (Treasurer)
🟢 FESPAU-Federación Española de Autismo (Board Member)
🔴 Bidegintza GEK (Board Member)

We wish the new Executive Board all the success in their endeavors and look forward to seeing the positive impact of their work. Congratulations once again!

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