In a powerful display of urban leadership, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro recently hosted, in São Paulo, the Urban 20 (U20) #Summit of #Mayors, gathering global city leaders to shape and influence the G20 agenda. The focus of this summit was to enhance the well-being of families at the local level through sustainable urban development and innovative financial mechanisms.

Empowering Cities to Boost Family Well-being

Family well-being is increasingly becoming a central focus for city governments. At the U20 Summit, mayors and city officials from around the world shared insights on specific proposals aimed at empowering cities to deliver on these priorities. The discussions centered around the crucial role cities play in addressing global challenges such as climate change, urban finance, and social #equity, all of which directly impact the quality of life for #families.

Climate Ambition and Fairness

One of the key proposals discussed was the need for cities to collaborate with national governments to increase the ambition and fairness of national climate plans. As the host cities for COP30 next year in Belem, Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro emphasized the importance of updating these plans to reflect the unique needs and contributions of urban areas.

Cities are on the frontline of climate change, experiencing its effects more acutely and taking more immediate action than many national governments. By integrating city-level initiatives into national climate strategies, there is a greater opportunity to achieve more ambitious and equitable outcomes. This includes ensuring that the most vulnerable populations, often living in urban areas, are protected and supported through resilient infrastructure and inclusive policies.

Unlocking Urban Finance

Another critical area of focus at the U20 Summit was the creation of new guarantee funds to unlock much-needed urban finance. Many cities face significant financial constraints that hinder their ability to implement comprehensive urban development projects. Guarantee funds can mitigate risks for investors, making it more attractive to fund urban projects that improve infrastructure, housing, and public services.

These funds are designed to support sustainable projects that prioritize family well-being, such as affordable housing developments, green public spaces, and enhanced public transportation systems. By providing financial backing, cities can attract private investment and international aid, driving forward projects that might otherwise remain stalled due to lack of funding.

Specific Proposals for the G20

The summit resulted in several specific proposals to present to the G20, aimed at strengthening the role of cities in global governance. These include:

1. Integrating Urban Priorities into National #Climate Plans: Encouraging G20 countries to work closely with their cities to incorporate urban initiatives into national climate commitments ahead of COP30.

2. Establishing Urban Guarantee Funds: Creating new financial instruments to reduce investment risks and attract funding for urban development projects that benefit families and communities.

3. Promoting Sustainable Urbanization: Developing policies that support sustainable urban growth, including investments in renewable energy, sustainable transport, and resilient infrastructure.

4. Enhancing Social Equity: Ensuring that urban development policies are inclusive and equitable, providing opportunities and protections for all urban residents, especially marginalized communities.


The U20 Summit of Mayors in São Paulo highlighted the critical role of cities in addressing global challenges and improving the well-being of families at the local level. By influencing the G20 agenda, these urban leaders are advocating for greater recognition and support of city-led initiatives that drive sustainable and inclusive urban development. As the world looks toward COP30 in Belem next year, the collaborative efforts of cities and national governments will be essential in achieving meaningful progress on climate action and urban resilience, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for families worldwide.

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